Successful Launch of Children’s Cultural Exchange Program

December 22nd was a special day in the history of Save All Children International (SACI) – we have launched The Children’s Cultural Exchange program. On this day, the children from India and Kenya were able to interact with each other and share their traditional songs and dances in an online exchange. The cultural exchange program is our humanitarian initiative that aims to empower the children and to raise their awareness of cultures around the world.

During the first virtual meet-up our teams of volunteers came together to facilitate this important event with the children. Eve form SACI hosted the event while the teams from Building Dreams Foundation in Deradhun India and Pillars For Resilience in Tharaka Kenya organized the cultural performances with the children. The children from each country performed traditional songs and dance routines to share their heritage and culture.

In India the children danced in their classroom and observed the children from Kenya on a large projector screen. Unfortunately, the children in Kenya had a single cell phone screen to observe the performances of the children in India. In the near future one of our goals is to raise funds to provide Pillars For Resilience in Kenya with a laptop for better viewer experience in our upcoming events.

The successful outcome of the experience was reflected in the positive feedback of the children before, during and after the event. The team leaders asked the children questions in verbal surveys in order to measure their responses to the virtual cultural exchange. The children in each country were excited to be engaged in an artistic learning experience and expressed great interest in further collaborations. We plan to expand the program to include storytelling and an interactive questions and answers session to incorporate into the exchange. We will also continue to monitor the children’s reactions and gather their feedback and ideas in order to continue to evolve and improve this innovative program.

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