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Our mission is to save children from hunger, poverty, disease, abuse and violence
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We support grassroots efforts to improve children's health, nutrition, safety, education, and quality of life through collaboration, awareness, and fundraising
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You Can Help Us To Save Children!
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Save All Children International

Help Us Save Children Worldwide

Our mission vision and values

Our Mission

To save children from hunger, poverty, disease, abuse and violence. We are a global child advocacy and empowerment organization that supports grassroots efforts to improve children’s health, nutrition, safety, education, and quality of life through collaboration, awareness, and fundraising for children’s causes.

Our Vision

We strive to improve children’s welfare, eliminate abuse and neglect.

Our Values

We respect all children regardless of nationality.

Help us to support worthy charities. Our organization needs your support! Children’s causes benefit from your individual donations, corporate grants, and volunteers.
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Services We Provide

Corporate Development

  • Assistance with Projects
  • Marketing
  • Networking

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Current Projects

BDF Navadha School

Building Dreams Foundation – Navadha School

New Charitable Educational Center in Bengal

In the rural and remote villages of Bengal where the community is very poor not all children have the opportunity to receive education. In partnership with SACI, BDF was able to build and open a new charitable educational center for children of all ages who are unable to attend government schools due to poverty and lack of resources. Now with our support over 200 students receive an education.

pillars for resilience

Pillars For Resilience – Collaborative Learning

Children’s International Culture Share Program

In partnership with BDF in India and Pillar for Resilience in Kenya we facilitate an international culture and heritage exchange program for children living in poverty in remote areas of India and Kenya. This humanitarian initiative aims to empower children and connect children from different countries via monthly virtual meet-up programs and to raise their awareness of cultures around the world.

In partnership with Hawaii Island Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Safe Housing and Treatment Program for Human Trafficking Survivors

A project with a mission to help human sex trafficking survivors to attain access to safe housing and wrap-around counseling services on the Big Island of Hawaii. The program empowers survivors to heal from severe trauma of systematic abuse, to regain trust in human relationships, to raise self-esteem and break the cycle of substance abuse and addiction.

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